Head of Art / Art Director (div/f/m)

Hi! Mimimi is looking for a very special role: our new Head of Art.

Disclaimer: This is a very long and elaborate job description, not because we don’t know what we require, but because it is so complex and often about philosophies instead of super specific conditions. This position is critical for Mimimi and we’ll want to work with you for many years, so we’d rather invest some time upfront.

What we offer

We at Mimimi are welcoming everyone! Therefore, we don’t differentiate between applicants. We consider qualified applicants for employment at Mimimi Games without any regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability or age.

If you are interested in us, we assume you’ve already read our About and Team & Jobs section on our website.

On top, we are offering a lot of benefits, which you can read about here:


The Job

We want to transfer our current Head of Art’s responsibilities to you. This means you will be both a creative and managing lead.

Obviously, everyone is different, so we are already planning to make the necessary adjustments to support you as an individual.

You’ll have to be in Munich and you’ll have to speak fluent German.

The Team

You will lead our team of artists across all fields. You need to be great with people and be respectful with feedback. You’ll take over a lot of responsibility.

You will be working directly with our management team: Creative Director, Head of Design, Head of Production, Head of Development and Managing Director.

You will support all other departments, as they will support you, to make sure we can deliver the best possible game within our time and budget constraints.

The Project

We are mostly focusing on a single, large project with the whole team. Therefore you’ll be working on our next real-time tactics game Codename Süßkartoffel for the next couple of years.

The Job – Details

Our Head of Art role combines both Art Direction and Art Lead responsibilities. You need to be both an expert in various creative fields and a pro in planning, management as well as leading people. You’ll have to tackle a lot: management, production, creative craft and direction, as well as leadership.

We want you to be imaginative, have a clear vision and art direction that you share with the whole team. We want you to have an eye for shapes, layouts and colours. We want you to understand the requirements of the game, and support them with your work.

At the same time you need to finish the game without sacrificing our team’s health.  We need you to commit to planning, managing your team, reviewing processes and making sure we hit the goals we set ourselves – or adjusting them early on.

You will be giving a lot of feedback and critiquing work, in a respectful and constructive way. This job will involve a lot of meetings and talking, much more than actually drawing something. Communication, both written and verbal, is key.

Merging leadership and craft, thinking about health, economics and beautiful art direction is not an easy task. Therefore, you will get the help you require. We might opt to elevate individual artists to lead certain fields and take over responsibilities. You will also get support from our producers, helping with logistics, making sure you can work most efficiently. We will minimize your legwork and share responsibilities, where possible. It’s very important for us to work collaboratively, always seeing the big picture.

You will still be making the decisions, thinking about time requirements, who has to do what in which order and reviewing whether the art is good enough or not. We will ask you whether our plans with the game make sense, if the game art can be delivered within a given time-frame, and we need you to find an answer to these questions. We need you to know the current visual state of the game and what is being worked on – and why. If something goes wrong, you need to understand why and pro-actively work on solutions. If you can help by getting hands-on and crafting something very specific, you should be fine with doing that.

Mimimi is dedicated to having a happy, healthy team and delivering outstanding games. Finding the right balance between these goals, especially by staying efficient, is one of our core values. We are convinced you have to know how long tasks take to complete and how many assets have to be made with which priority, so you can make sure that your team is focusing on the most important creative tasks, delivering beautiful art.

Both management and creative fields are equally important.

The Team – Details

We will make sure that you have as much time as possible to work together with our existing Head of Art Bianca, taking over her job. Bianca is leaving on good terms and it’s important to her to support the team with a smooth transition. Therefore, you’ll have a dedicated and committed partner to learn from.

You’ll be leading nine other artists, all of which are already hired. Their specialized fields include 3D modeling, texturing, concepts, VFX, animation, user-interface art, environments and characters. Before we sign your contract, you will be able to get to know both the whole art department and the management team.

Your department has a truly amazing team of talented artists. Each and every one is fun, creative, honest, taking over responsibilities and giving their best. In the future, you’ll also be part of our hiring procedure, checking applications and being part of our interview and testing process. If we require additional support, you will be taking part of building the team or finding external solutions.

The Project – Details

For the next few years, you will be focusing on Codename Süßkartoffel, our third real-time tactics game. We are currently tackling a lot of very exciting challenges in all fields of development and design, as we are approaching our vertical slice milestone.

Pre-production has been completed, and the team together with Bianca has already created a great foundation for this game’s art style. So, in this case you have to be comfortable working within an established foundation of an art style, one that will clearly develop and continue to be iterated on over the course of production.

In the future, you will be directing your own art styles, in collaboration with all departments and under various economic restrictions. Mimimi generally is aiming for easily recognizable art styles. We want our players to remember our games on a first sight, while still being inclusive and without being too artsy. We are not aiming for photo realism and are usually opting for a (sometimes more, sometimes less) stylized approach. We do not want to battle AAA graphics, but we love to use state of the art technology. In the past, we’ve made a lot of clever choices to stay efficient and still deliver high quality results, which is in-line with our mentioned core values.

We want to ship outstanding games – not just the most beautiful ones. We understand making a game as a highly collaborative, iterative process, and that often means gameplay comes first – form follows function.

The Tools – Details

Our tech stack consists of:

  • Windows with Office
  • Unity 3D
  • SVN

For art we specifically use:

  • Blender
  • Substance Painter and Designer
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Houdini
  • Rokoko Mocap Suite

Other tools include:

  • Hansoft (for project management)
  • Trello (for personal / company todos)
  • Confluence (as a wiki)
  • Jira (for bugs)

Thanks for reading all this!

We are absolutely aware of the complexity of this job description. In a perfect world, you have been an all-rounder or generalist in art, while being great at planning and leadership. Any real-world experience in shipping games is obviously very welcome, but Mimimi has a history of giving applicants their first chance to really get into the job they want to be at.

The more you already know about the topics mentioned above, the better. But: we know no-one can tick all the boxes! We do not expect you to be perfect. We want you to be transparent about your strengths and weaknesses, and then we’ll take our time to find the optimal way of working together. You do not have to know everything about every part of game production. If you truly love games, but are coming from a different industry like film, CGI/VFX, or similar, let’s still get in touch! We are confident that the details of game art production can be taught, and you have one of the best teams around you to teach you our way of approaching it.

If you’re interested in this position, please send us your application in German, including your cover letter, resume and portfolio. In this context, feel free to exclude the following information from your application: name, age, gender, picture.