A world full of magical equipment and incredible inventions is waiting to be explored at a slow and relaxing pace. Paint wind, hurricanes and lightning with the tip of your finger. Navigate your balloon through the riddles and obstacles of each level.

Apple Design Award
WWDC 2012
Best Mobile Game Finalist
German Game Developer Award 2011

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April 2011
Mimimi Productions

Create your own hot air balloon with over 25 different designs. Embark in 50 expeditions in search of valuable items and mysterious puzzles.

Sit down and enjoy the calming and meditative experience of playing daWindci – best enjoyed with headphones.

“This is a balloon-em-up from the highest level of the atmosphere, casting you as a wind-controlling god guiding a hot air balloon through gorgeous landscapes.”Edge, 8 / 10

“With a smooth soundtrack driving the action and excellent puzzle solving gameplay, daWindci is a complete, beautiful, and unique puzzler that you really shouldn’t miss out on if you’re a fan of the genre.”Toucharcade