IT Manager (div/f/m)

Hi! I am Johannes, Managing Director at Mimimi and currently responsible for everything IT: servers, backups, hardware, software, licenses, passwords, …

Systems are running fine and we are able to work efficiently, but the number of Mimimis is increasing from ~25 to ~35 and new infrastructural challenges are emerging. We love to optimize and improve things, which requires time. So, this job needs a proper full-time employee now, instead of my ~20% that I can spare.

I know how complex this job description is and yes, you’ll need to be an all-rounder, interested in many different fields of IT.

But: I don’t expect you to already know everything or to be a perfect expert. Experience helps, but in general I want you to slowly understand what’s running, then propose changes, take your time to learn everything you need and then implement new systems based on your estimates and project plans.

Also, we need you to be passionate for high quality games, as it really matters what we create. Your work will be fundamental in supporting the team to create these games. It would be lovely if we could talk about gaming in general with you as well.

Working within the games industry should definitely be one of your goals. We will pay a fair salary and we want you to work with us for many, many years, providing a stable job that also let’s you grow.

What we offer

If you are interested in us, we assume you’ve already read our About and Team & Jobs section on our website.

On top, we are offering a lot of benefits, which you can read about here:

You will …

  • At first, work directly with Johannes, our Managing Director and current IT manager – and carefully be introduced to all current systems and solutions at Mimimi. We’ll take all the time that’s required!
  • Eventually, take over responsibility for everything IT: servers, hardware, software, licenses, backups, data security, password management, … if it’s electronic but not the game, it’s most likely your responsibility.
  • Have the time to complete training courses, read books, learn what you need to
  • Bring in your own expertise and solutions to problems
  • Create and propose your own project plan and time estimates for what you’ll work on
  • Receive support from Johannes when you need it, but also have the freedom to work on your own whenever you want to
  • Support a lovely team that will be super grateful about every single improvement you implement

A few more details …

  • We are currently using:
    • Windows Server
    • Confluence with PostgreSQL
    • Hansoft
    • SVN
    • Nextcloud
    • IMAP on external servers with Confixx
    • TP-Link and Synology hardware
    • Synology Surveillance Station
    • OpenVPN
  • Some tasks you might be facing, depending on what we cooperatively decide on – there is no timeline for this, it’s just what we are thinking about in general:
    • Introducing Windows Active Directory / a proper server structure
    • SSO
    • Expanding storage capabilities
    • Backup optimization with iSCSI snapshots and rclone
    • Yearly security workshops for the whole team (how to handle passwords etc.)
    • Reworking Home-Office / Streaming solutions
    • Ordering and setting up new PCs
    • Patching server racks
    • Eventually, you’ll identify bottlenecks yourself and solve these issues.
  • Note: We generally prefer hosting things locally than moving everything to the cloud.


  • Windows Server experience (preferably Active Directory)
  • Experience in writing batch files, PowerShell scripts etc. and helping yourself staying efficient
  • In general: the more you already know about the topics mentioned above, the better – but we know no-one can tick all the boxes!
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work in and contribute to a collaborative environment
  • Fluent German

Other pluses: Build server experience (Jenkins or similar). Linux skills. Knowledge of Microsoft Office. An open mind for all kinds of solutions. Any experience with workplaces that require high security standards.

If you’re interested in this position, please send us your application in German, including your cover letter, resume and portfolio.