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Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

Rejoice! Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is our first (and final) self-published and third real-time tactics stealth strategy game. It is an original IP, completely owned by us, featuring cursed pirates as your crew. Brand new magical skills, a non-linear approach to missions, free character selection, a living ghost ship as your HUB: we are innovating a lot in our genre, while still staying true to the core that makes it so great.


Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice

Since its release in 2016, fans have been asking for more Shadow Tactics content. You have waited long enough! Between finishing work on Desperados III and developing our project Codename Süßkartoffel we actually found a time slot to create a standalone expansion. It’s called Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice. Set in Japan around the Edo era, you rejoin your favorite characters from Shadow Tactics to hunt down the ghosts of Aiko’s past. Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice is available on Steam!


Desperados III

Desperados III, previously Codename Kartoffel, was a first in our portfolio: the project was a natural follow-up to our previous game. It was still a real-time tactics game. After finishing Shadow Tactics, we felt like staying true to a genre at least once, so we could put all those lessons learned to good use. With the burning ambition to improve technology, gameplay and controls, adding even better features, also came the burden of striving to fulfill expectations. We wanted to deliver the best possible project. Listening to all the positive feedback, we think that we succeeded. Thank you! ❤


Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

By 2014 we had released a mobile puzzle game about a hot air balloon, and a kid-friendly adventure featuring fantasy creatures fighting each other about color hues. So it came naturally to develop a core-targeted revival of the “stealth-oriented real-time tactics” genre next, or for short: Commandos with ninjas. Right? Shadow Tactics became our first big success, spawning a great community. Although we came dangerously close to bankruptcy, the investment paid off and continues to be the foundation of our future as a game studio.


The Last Tinker: City of Colors

Tinker was our first game to work on full-time, and it was a massive step-up from daWindci. It also marked our transition from mobile to PC, Mac, Linux, and consoles. It started as a university project, without us ever having the intention to release it, considering it way too hard to chew for such a small group of students. Yet, encouraging feedback from various industry veterans led to the decision to keep the team together and start to pay real salaries. If it hadn’t been for Koru, Tap and their very colorful friends, Shadow Tactics might never have come into existence.

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daWindci was our very first proper release, meaning it had an official launch date on a large games platform. What started as a hard-to-control but unique take on shoot ’em ups for PC, quickly developed into a perfect title for touchscreen devices. We started on iOS and later re-released a deluxe version, adding Android support and a more international look with a more vibrant color palette. The game’s quality, its unique approach to puzzle gameplay and its positive reception made it a door opener to the games industry.

About Us

Mimimi was an independent game studio based in Munich, Germany. We started working together in 2008 and delivered our final game in 2023. Three pillars built the foundation of our studio:

  1. We wanted all Mimimis to be really happy.
  2. We poured all of our heart and soul into what we did.
  3. We valued art, entertainment and quality.

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